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We know that the home is where hard work, leisure and family values meet. As a family owned business, we keep this in mind with everything we do. Let our family build for yours.
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Who are We?

Welcome to Magnus Homes, where dreams take shape and life happens in every corner. Founded in 2020 by Jaime, a driven and passionate young entrepreneur, Magnus Homes has swiftly become a hallmark of quality and innovation in the residential home building industry in London, Ontario.

With over 40 homes under our belt, ranging from efficient townhome designs to sprawling custom masterpieces, Magnus Homes brings the same dedication and attention to detail to every project. Jaime’s passion for design and her commitment to creating spaces where life flourishes is evident in every home we build.

As we drive through our neighbourhoods, we take pride in seeing lights on in the windows, smelling something grilling on the BBQ, spotting a basketball net in the driveway, knowing that we’ve contributed to shaping the lives of these families. We firmly believe that home ownership is a cornerstone of life and take great joy in being a meaningful part of that journey.

What sets Magnus Homes apart is not just our commitment to quality and attention to detail, but also Jaime’s unique perspective and approach as a young woman in the construction industry. In a field traditionally dominated by men, Jaime’s leadership brings a fresh and innovative outlook, ensuring that every project benefits from diverse insights and ideas.

At Magnus Homes, we understand that building strong and lasting relationships is at the heart of our business. From our trusted trade partners and suppliers who are the backbone of the quality we offer, our customers, and our neighbours, we prioritize fostering meaningful connections built on trust and mutual respect.

Our small yet dedicated team is deeply invested in crafting homes that are not just structurally sound, but also thoughtfully designed for the way you live your day-to-day life. From the layout of the rooms to the selection of materials, every decision is made with your comfort and convenience in mind.

When you choose Magnus Homes, you’re not just investing in a house, you’re investing in a relationship. Let us help you bring your dream home to life, one brick at a time. Welcome to Magnus Homes, where quality meets passion, and where every home tells a story.

At Magnus Homes, quality comes standard. We are committed to building high quality homes and communities of happy, satisfied homeowners. We believe that your home should be a family matter- let our family build for yours.


609 William Street, Unit 204 London Ontario Canada

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